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Did you get your Nike World Cup Nigerian Jersey?

Nike released the Nigerian World Cup Jersey yesterday and it sold out in hours, minutes even. They currently have no plans to restock and millions of Nigerians have not been able to get their hands on the Jersey yet.

The jury is still out in Nigerian Twitosphere (the world of twitter). While some genuinely believe it is out of stock, others believe it is a bid to drive more people to want it so that the price can be increased and more profit can be made. Either way, it is a badass marketing strategy.

As small businesses, one of the things we struggle with is how do I market my products/services? First off, there is no magic wand you can wave that can automatically connect your marketing with your customers. What works for business A might not work for business B, so the idea is working with your own budget and paying attention to what works for your business. Here are some things to try, this is not exhaustive. Always research several ways to grow your business.

  • Sponsored ads – I am more familiar with Instagram ads, Instagram can either help you select your targeted reach based on the people that already follow you or you can manually select the people you want your ad to reach. You can stop an ad at any time so an ad does not have to run its full course. If you notice that your ad is not reaching your audience and people are just liking rather than visiting your page or reaching out for enquiries, it’s time to cancel the ad.
  • Give value – I know that there is the temptation to want to sell and sell and sell, but content marketing has been proven to produce more long term results. Give your followers value, quality content, relevant topics. If all you tell them is come and buy, they will unfollow one day and that is one potential customer you have lost.
  • Free webinars/classes – What is that thing you are good at? Are you good with teaching people how to handle tough customers? Are you good at collaborations? Are you good at tech stuff? What can you teach your followers for free such that when it’s time to pay you, they would not hesitate because instead of saying come and buy, you have given them something of value and they can then pay for your products and/or services.
  • Engage Engage Engage – Make friends, engage with other people, both competitors and potential clients. Comment on posts, respond to stories, respond to polls. It shows your potential customer they can relate with you and they would be happy to patronize you.

Others include giveaways, brand influencer marketing, offering referral incentives, etc.

In the meantime, I trust my ‘aba boys’ to make the affordable version of the Jersey *winks. What are you doing today? #owambe? #team I am spending my day looking for this Jersey? #team I will just wait for the replica to be made? #team I can’t be bothered, I don’t want the Jersey? OR #team what is the World Cup?

Please share your thoughts in the comments:)

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