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Turn off the notification

Chivalry is — a choice. The choice to do the right things, for the right reasons, at the right times: Now you can participate in the discussion on Twittersphere about Chivalry and opening doors for women and Chimamanda – You’re welcome:)

I was lamenting to my friend, @girlbosshaven (check out her blog, she offers tips on how to grow your small business) about how addicted to my phone I am. I pick it up every time I see a notification especially on Instagram or whatsapp and she goes ‘turn your notifications off’. I had to try it out for one week first before making a post about it. It’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in a while. I know you think it’s hard especially as a business owner which is exactly how I felt but I’ll tell you how to make it work, and why it’s a fantastic decision, stay with me.

Freedom: You will log in to social media on your own terms. That annoying red notification is not what drives you to go on social media but you log in because it is the time you have scheduled to do it. So if you want to start with say 3 hours, do an hour in the morning, afternoon, and evening, depending on your business and when your audience is online.

Start small: If you’re like me and you spend 7 hours on Instagram/Twitter/Facebook, don’t make a decision to start spending 1 hour because that’s unrealistic. Baby steps, reduce it to 5 and then to 3, however it suits you.

More productivity: Since you schedule when you log in to social media, you can batch all your work into mini goals. For example, when I log in for 1 hours, this is what I hope to achieve. This way, you don’t scroll through your whole timeline or go from profile to profile without achieving some targeted objectives. Time is money

More time: You will actually have time to do other things. Go on social medial, do all the things you plan to do, go out and focus on other things (content, improving canva skills, etc)

Discipline: Hopefully, this improves your discipline towards not only managing your time effectively but other areas of your life.

You will not miss important messages, I promise. Because you will be scheduled in to log in at different times of the day, it will look like you were online the whole time. Try it in the coming week and share how it goes with me. Please follow my blog so you don’t miss all the interesting stuff (no spam). Feel free to send me a message via Instagram or via email. Have a fantastic weekend!

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