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The ultimate Trophy for your small business

I was really rooting for the Super Eagles and my heart is broken in like a million pieces but let’s channel all that hurt into learning about branding. I am still hopeful for some turnaround. Go Super Eagles, Go!!! We still have the best Jersey in the World Cup (that’s Branding).

Many small businesses think they don’t need branding, after all it’s just a small business but you need it just as much, if not more. Branding is standing out, it is making something that isn’t unique, unique in a very crowded marketplace.

Why should you brand? Because who wouldn’t want to stand out? Branding differentiates you, it makes people want to trust you, it makes people market for you.

Name: Let’s start with your name. This is very important. A few days ago, I needed lunch to be delivered and I went on IG and searched for ‘food’, it took probably an hour mostly because it was a holiday and many vendors weren’t working nor delivering to the area I wanted, but I found someone who had ‘chops’ in their name. Now if your name is something like “thegreenhouse”, please how will I know you sell food? Or you sell cosmetics and your name is “nikkyplace”. You have to be findable, think of what names can attract your potential customers to you. Be creative. Do not do yourself a disservice by using an obscure name in an already crowded marketplace.

Marketing: Under promise and over deliver. Do what you say you will do, if you can’t do it don’t say you will. I tell customers their products will be delivered in 5-10 working days from the Friday I ship it. Over time, it’s been consistently 5-6 days but I prefer to blow your mind than tell you it is 5 days and not deliver on that promise. Extra point – please remove “no exchange, no refund” from your bio, it’s the first thing that makes me run away from potentially patronizing a business.

Go big or go home: Be intentional in your strategies. Give customers a reason to come back. I’ve always liked when I receive extra gifts when I order anything online. Add a card, add a pen, add a brush, add a coupon for the next purchase, add something that makes your customer feel special and want to patronize you again or tell someone else about you. There are no rules so you can experiment with different things.

There are many more things to consider in branding and I am by no means an expert, but these are a few starting points. Please like, comment, subscribe. Feel free to look around and send me a message if you want to buy something from the abroad. I am here, #sendmoi

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