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I can’t afford your product

Remember ‘Honesty is the best policy’?

A few days ago, I was trying to order lunch from an Instagram business online. I know, I’m always ordering food lol. Anyway, I was this close to completing the transaction and asked for bank account details. She provided her bank account details in a ‘last name, first name, middle name‘ format. Why was this a problem for me? Although I know this is how we write our names in Nigeria, I am now used to writing names in a ‘first name, middle name, last name‘ format. I asked her to verify the order of the name but by the time she responded, I slept already. She asked me in the morning if I would still make the transaction and I politely explained my ‘name confusion’ coupled with Western Union declining my transaction. I didn’t say I will get back to you, I just told her the truth.

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The ultimate Trophy for your small business

I was really rooting for the Super Eagles and my heart is broken in like a million pieces but let’s channel all that hurt into learning about branding. I am still hopeful for some turnaround. Go Super Eagles, Go!!! We still have the best Jersey in the World Cup (that’s Branding).

Many small businesses think they don’t need branding, after all it’s just a small business but you need it just as much, if not more. Branding is standing out, it is making something that isn’t unique, unique in a very crowded marketplace.

Why should you brand? Because who wouldn’t want to stand out? Branding differentiates you, it makes people want to trust you, it makes people market for you. Continue reading “The ultimate Trophy for your small business”